Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well, I didn't see it coming but I have a cold and now I'm afraid of how it will affect my marathon on Sunday.  Weather continues to look perfect.  It's going to be a cool fall day.  Today's weather forcast for Sunday has a high of 56 degrees, and a low of 36 (!).  So my guess is 40's to start the race.  Perfect, if maybe a little chilly.  Better than being too hot. 

But this cold has me worried.  The taper has been great, although it did start off a little rocky.  This training program had me on a three week taper.  Well, the first week was rough- my legs felt heavy and achy and I was so tired!  The second week was better, but there were still some lingering aches and pains, and I didn't have the energy I've come to expect during a taper.  This week, though, things are much better.

I missed my 8-mile long run this past Sunday because I couldn't get anyone to watch the kids, but I ran 6 miles Monday, took yesterday off, will run 4 today and 2 tomorrow and take Friday and Saturday off.  I feel good.  My energy is back and my body feels like it's in a taper now.  I'm feeling really positive for Sunday.

Well, that is, until yesterday morning when I woke up with the early symptoms of a cold.  Today, it's official.  I am sick.  :(  I'm really bummed, because it couldn't have come at a worse time.  I don't know how the next four days will go, but lets hope it's only a little cold and that the symptoms will be gone by Sunday.  And lets especially hope that it doesn't get worse and go into my lungs.  Right now it's just a head cold. 

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