Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Running shoes

Well it's time and past time for new running shoes.  I ordered them on Sunday, and due to the holiday, they won't be here until next Monday!  Normally, it's only three or four days, sometimes even sooner, depending on what warehouse they ship from, but of course my shoes are coming from California, which is a four-day delivery.  :(  I'm totally bummed about this because I was really hoping to have them for Sunday's 20-miler. 

You can always tell when you need new shoes.  At least I can.  They wear unevenly, due to me being a supinator (I wear the outsides faster than the rest).  So I go through shoes every 300-400 miles or so, about every three months.  Oh well, they'll be here Monday which means I will get two and a half weeks on them before the marathon. 
8.04 miles today, fairly descent pace.  It was about 68 degrees, breezy.  Not bad weather, a little humid.  Took me 1:16:34.  Not bad for not pushing it. 

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