Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well, maybe. 

I did not run today.  (Gasp!) 

Ever since Sunday's 20-miler, the outside of my right knee has been hurting.  At first I put it down to post-long run normal aches and pains.  But my Tuesday run did not "get the kinks out" like it normally does after a long run.  And Wednesday it was still hurting.  Today, I travelled to our Platteville plant and spent most of the day standing.  Just standing, no walking or squatting or kneeling or sitting like I normally do throughout my day.  By late afternoon, I was stiff and my knee ached.  It felt swollen.  I decided not to run, but went for a walk, hoping to loosen it up a little.  It did seem to feel better after a while.  On the way back from the walk, I stopped for supper at a restaurant close to the hotel.  After sitting and eating for 45 minutes, I got up to leave and it was stiff and painful again. 

So I don't know what to think.  Since I'm starting my taper, I don't feel guilty taking today off.  I think I'm doing the smart thing.  I'm sitting in my hotel room icing tonight.  I hope this goes away.  I will run tomorrow, taking it slow and easy if I have to.  Then Saturday is another rest day, and a 12-miler on Sunday.

I've been injury free for over a year and now I only have 2 weeks until my marathon and my knee is threatening to ruin it!  This is not fair!

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