Friday, September 17, 2010

The cure?

Well I iced last night and my knee felt a little better this morning.  I didn't stand so much today, so at the end of the day I decided to try today's scheduled five-miler, prepared to go as slow as necessary so as not to overdue it. 

The first mile and a half or two miles were painful, and I had to modify my stride to avoid the sharp pain that shot through my knee.  However, as I eased into a rhythm, by the end of the run, I actually felt better than I did yesterday.  I think the running actually helped.

I am going to ice again tonight.  And tomorrow is another rest day, with a 12-miler on Sunday.  (Although I still don't have a baby-sitter for that run...)  I feel pretty confident that I'll be okay.  (Still going to be cautious, of course.)

So now I'm wondering if I should have tried to run a little yesterday.  Perhaps that's what I needed all along, to loosen things up.  Well, taking a rest day isn't going to hurt anything.  So now I just need to find a babysitter for Sunday!

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