Monday, November 1, 2010

Taper Week

Well, it's taper week.  Last week was the peak week of my four-week training plan for the Rails to Trails Marathon in Norwalk, WI.  Only 32 miles, about 10 miles shy of my peak week for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon.

This last week was better than the first two weeks.  I'm still not feeling fast or easy, though.  Sunday's long run was 12 miles.  The beginning of the run felt a little tough, my lower legs felt a little sore and tight.  But I was also running into a breeze.  Not nearly as bad as the wind earlier this week.  Tuesday and Wednesday were 35 mph winds, gusting to 60, with a severe drop in temperature.  I was not dressed appropriately and I was numb after both runs!  Brr. Definitely time to break out the winter running gear. 

So this week is going to be pretty easy and light.  Especially since I can't run Wednesday due to a doctor's appointment for Gavin.  So tomorrow will be three miles, Thursday will be two miles.  Then marathon on Sunday.  I sure hope I can improve my time.  My poor showing in Milwaukee is just shameful in my mind, and I can't let this season go until I have something to be proud of. 

My goal is going to be sub 4:20.  That would be 10-minute miles.  I would be satisfied with that.  Next year I can focus on improving it.  I have lots of years of running left, I hope.  I don't need to have a super fast time right at the start of my marathon career.  There are a lot of lessons to be learned.  When I started running half marathons, each race was a lesson.  And I was able to make goals based on previous races and achieve them.  And each race I got faster.  I'm sure that will happen with the full marathons as well.  I just have to be patient.  So.  4:20 it is. 

Right now the weather looks like a high of 50, with partly sunny skies.  Should be a beautiful day.  I just have to decide what to wear.  High of 50 will be in the afternoon, most likely will be high 30s or 40s for the race.  Probably just like Milwaukee.  But I was chilly for Milwaukee.  So maybe I should dress warmer.  But I don't want to overheat, so I'm going to have to really think about what to wear.  I don't have anything to put under my singlet except for underarmour, and that might be too warm.  I could probably get away with shorts still.  I'm going to have to think about this!

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