Sunday, October 24, 2010

2 Weeks Down, 2 To Go

Well I'm two weeks into my training for back-to-back marathons, with two weeks to go.  This next week will be the peak week (with bad weather, it looks like). 

Today I ran 12 miles.  It was a little windy the first half of the run, and my legs were tight and fatigued-feeling. However, at 6 miles I took a gel, and within a mile I felt much better.  I actually felt comfortable.  Whether that was due to the carbs, or to not having to run into the wind, I don't know.  I'm starting to wonder if I've been running with depleted glycogen stores.  I wonder if that might be why I've been struggling the last couple weeks on my long runs.  Last week's 10 miler I didn't fuel at all during the run.  I'm thinking I should make sure to fuel and hydrate properly, taking careful consideration to drink, even when I'm not thirsty. 

This last week I felt a little better than the first week, but my legs were still fatigued feeling and I have really struggled to maintain a modest 10-min mile pace.  I even had an extra rest day in there on Thursday because Gavin was sick and I had to pick him up from daycare that morning, so I missed my run. 

This will be an interesting week.  I'm hoping that my body is going to rally and get used to training again.  I'm excited about this marathon, but I'm feeling less confident.  I'm hoping that my conservative goal of 4:20 is doable.  It feels very conservative a goal to me, but given my recent long runs, I'm not so sure.  On a positive note, I'm over the cold.  So hopefully I can just stay healthy for two more weeks.

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