Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kindle Fire to the rescue!

So the windchill was below zero all day, winds were gusting up to 40 mph and there was snow blowing all over the place.  So needless to say, I chose to run on the dreadmill tonight. 

I've been dreading this workout all day, knowing from the time I looked at the weather report this morning that I wasn't going to be running outside.  Nine miles on the mill.  Ugh. 

But on the way home, a thought occurred to me.  I have this pretty new Kindle Fire and I can watch video on it!  I thought, hey I can watch some TV shows or a movie while I run!  And so I did, and let me tell you, 9 miles never went by quicker on the treadmill than they did tonight.  What a revelation!  Not boring at all!  The only downside was that I couldn't hear that well over the sound of the treadmill running, but I got the gist of it, so all was well.  I was very pleased and my run wasn't nearly as miserable as I had been anticipating. 

Using the Kindle Fire to avoid the misery and boredom of the treadmill makes that purchase way worth it!

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